Christmas is also coming, capitalise on it

Another post from the laser cutting group now, Jocelyn has shared these Christmas letters and is currently working to complete the set. I hadn't realised how early people start working towards Christmas craft faires until I started reading these groups but I guess it makes sense.
I'll keep you posted as to when the rest of the set it released assuming they letter do it amidst all the requests.

Tanks again

Instructables user JackCarter made this awesome lasercut tank model from MDF. The functional tracks looks great and the laser is perfect for making a repetitive object like that, although they do also provide the files to make a static track if you don't have enough patience for assembly.

There are lots of tank models out there but, because this comes with instructions, it is definitely a challenger for the best.

Card Game

A lot of wargaming models are cut from 3mm mdf, the folks over at Laser Cut Card have opted to use 1mm card instead. They say it gives them more options to make better details and it receives paint better, it's also lighter for shipping. The results certainly seem to agree that it's a workable material.
My painting skills couldn't cope with making a finished item like this, they're pretty tearable.

Up your game

akselmusic on Thingiverse, just released this industrial terrain complex for wargaming. It 's cut from mdf so it's relatively cheap and it's configurable so you set it up in different ways for different games. They're a little plane and could do with some military detailing detail, but because it's thingiverse you can remix it, just don't forget to say tanks.

Beclaws they look good

There are a couple of giant hand builds around but I like this one from instructables user musicandsky because they've gone for a purely Halloween theme scare style. When combined with the skull mask, I imagine they had a lot of fun out and about in the evening.

You'd have to pick your party carefully though, they should be good with finger food but undoubtedly clawful with drinks.

Prime ape skeleton

Etsy seller, Feel My Craft, has this wonderful ape skeleton available in their store. It's self assembly so the kids would get the fun of putting the item together before Halloween. I always found the skeletons of other animals far more creepy that humans.

The idea of making a winged monkey skeleton is suddenly very apealing to me


This laser cut ball mask from instructables user woz.artur would make a great costume for any Halloween event. The mask is cut from black acrylic and engraved with the maze detailing. The mask was heated and shaped to match the contours of a face and then the lines were filled with gold paint.

The handformed nature to convert this from a flat sheet means you won't be going in to mask production but it would be a spectacular one off